Our approach

BCGO, the entrepreneur’s Alter ego, is committed to support and monitor its clients in the pursuit of global and customized solutions, which in return will contribute without compromise to the growth of the owners’ estate.


You are unique. At BCGO, there are no prearranged answers. Our advice concerns only you since our recommendations are tailored by your financial position, your environment, your achievements and your challenges.


We work with you. To collaborate, respect and keep an open mind is the basis of our approach. Beyond professional expertise, we believe that mutual trust is the strength of any business relationship.


Our approach is global and customized. Our solutions address specific needs embedded in your business global position.

In addition, if you wish, you will be second and supported at all times. The following explains our continuous enterprise coaching.

First Step


With our client, we evaluate the global financial position.


This is a preliminary step to establish the main components of the owners’ estate. We prepare a personal balance sheet, including investment properties, private companies’ share portfolios, retirement plans and private homes.

Second Step


With our client, we stabilize the financial position.


This step will contribute, when applicable, to consolidate the different components of the estate and formalize verbal agreements. For example, we conduct reorganizations or establish shareholders’ agreements.

Third Step


With the client, we upgrade and diversify the estate.


During this step, we initiate real and tailored ways towards the growth of the estate. These are: management advisory services, financing and grants, corporate and personal income taxes, merger, acquisition or divestiture, financial planning and estate planning.