Our International Network

A worldwide network to uphold your growth


With today’s globalization of the economy and swift development of IT, many enterprises uncover extraordinary growth opportunities. These trends not only encourage us to offer new services, but to build new alliances with companies who share our business philosophy.


That is why, in 1997, we joined forces with MSI Legal and Accounting Network Worldwide, now known as MSI Global Alliance, an international network of independent professionals established in over 100 countries.

About MSI Global Alliance


Empowering over 250 legal and accounting firms, tax experts and consultants spread throughout some hundred countries worldwide, MSI is one of the world’s most important multidisciplinary association.


MSI members have both the skills and expertise of larger firms and the responsiveness of smaller firms. This is why MSI is the sensible option to compete with larger international groups, including the big accounting firms.


With BCGO and the MSI network, you benefit from local expertise, here and around the globe.

For more information, visit www.msiglobal.org